Amending the 1973 IH Governing Documents

IH Declaration of Restriction and By-Laws were created in 1973 by the Developers, protecting the Developers’ interests and their vision for Indian Hammock.

Amenities that did not exist in 1973 are now essential and changed the way communities operate.

Since 1973 Indian Hammock transformed from a Hidden Weekend Retreat lots and cabins to mostly full-time and some part-time residences of an outdoor-oriented community.

The needs of Indian Hammock Owners changed, and the Governing Documents need to be revised and be updated to accommodate the technologies and demographic changes that took place since 1973.

Considerations for the Revised IH Governing Documents:

Smart Phones.
Online Shopping.

Demographic changes:
Reduce interference of the BOD on owner Full-time and Part-time residences.
Remove restrictions that suppress the Owners’ sustainability.

Let start a polite conversation.
Suggestions, opinions, and ideas are more than welcome.

2 thoughts on “Amending the 1973 IH Governing Documents

  1. George Abraham

    I agree. One problem is current bod want what they want irrespective of owners needs. Example can the board explain why an owner gives up his owner rights to rent to a tenant. One tenant recently ended up buying and building a home in the Hammock. Yet as a tenant, could not use the pool, lodge or other basic owner amenities. WHY? Other similar type HOA’s accord an approved renter with use of basic facilities. Again why ?



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