Indian Hammock Hunt and Riding Club’s Manager Office

About two years ago, I tried to get information and learn about the Indian Hammock Hunt and Riding Club’s (IH) Manager’s Office.

I could not find Work Descriptions for IH employees in the Manager’s Office.
I found a big folder containing many documents covering “Manager’s Responsibilities” and tasks, practically making the Manager responsible for “all that may happen in this world.”

IH Management Office can’t have one individual responsible for Legal Compliance and Law Enforcement, Managing the maintenance of IH facilities and Projects.
These two different tasks require individuals with different qualifications.

I am calling for a change in the Manager’s Office.

There should be two appointees:
1. Work Manager
2. Legal and Enforcement Manager

Work Manager
The Work Manager should have experience managing maintenance, construction, project, and accounting skills.
The Work Manager should manage the Facilities and Projects in the Common Areas, utilizing IH employees, equipment, and subcontractors.

Legal and Enforcement Manager
The Legal and Enforcement Manager should be an experienced lawyer specializing in Homeowners’ Association Law.
The Legal and Enforcement Manager should supervise the Club’s Board of Directors (BOD) and Members’ meetings and restrain BOD’s members from acting in contradiction to the Club’s documents.
Should ensure that claimed violation will be dealt with per the procedures in the Club’s Documents.
Should supervise that Club’s Rules and Committee’s SOP will align with the Club’s Declaration of Restrictions and By-Laws.

IH doesn’t have a Legal and Enforcement Manager, and IH Work Manager is not qualified to and cannot carry out the Legal and Enforcement tasks.

The Legal and Enforcement Manager should be “appointed by the people” (The Owners), not the “Local Government” (The Club’s BOD). He can be proposed by the Club’s BOD or any Owner but must be voted in and approved by the owners and can’t be dismissed or replaced by the Club’s BOD without the owners’ approval.

Unless done, the Club will accumulate more court cases and legal costs.

1 thought on “Indian Hammock Hunt and Riding Club’s Manager Office

  1. Tom & Denise lot 299

    When a very small group of power seeking neighbors wants to govern the entire community there will always be Kaos.
    Democracy with a Majority rule is the only fair process to govern, even if it requires a weekly vote on all issues. In a small community voting can be accomplished online or by requesting a ballot from the office.
    A fair and simplified process to change rules or enforcement of the rules would create more community involvement as a whole.
    Indian Hammock has lost touch with its “old fashioned values” motto since moving here eight years ago, so sad!



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