Allow Greater Sustainability in Indian Hammock

I am looking for members that share my concerns and wish to promote Sustainability in Indian Hammock.

I am not trying to convince or change anyone’s political ideas or beliefs; I am merely stating why greater Sustainability is of utmost importance.

There are two irreconcilable philosophies/armies at war in the USA.

The “Globalists”
The upcoming government, with Joe Biden as the president, most of the Democrat Party, and a significant part of the Republican Party.
The “America First”
Mostly President Donald Trump’s supporters and a part of the Republican Party

The “Globalists,” which from now on I will call “America Last,” won a significant battle, the 2020 election.
There is no fraud, fair, or cheating in a war, only a loser and a winner. In this battle, “America Last” is the winner, and “America First” is the loser.

Following its great success, “America Last” went into a full-scale war.
This war does not use guns, but a much more powerful weapon, control of communication and information,  “America Last” has won in Weaponizing the Internet.

It does not matter if you support “America First,” “America Last,” or simply do not care for any of them.

Things are not going to be the same.

Expect disruptions in everything we currently take for granted.

Sustainability will be the most critical thing in your life soon.

We are lucky to live in Indian Hammock, a place away from the main population, where a much greater Sustainability level is possible.

I am advocating for the removal of any restriction that limits the owner’s Sustainability.

I am starting with allowing chickens in Indian Hammock.

The Declaration of Restriction does not allow chickens in Indian Hammock.

This outdated restriction must be removed by 2/3 of owner votes ASAP.

Until it is done, I am in full support of any owner who keeps chickens on his property, especially if they are only eggs laying hens.

I call on the BOD and the Management office to allow chickens in Indian Hammock.

Our BOD is baldly stating that “Berry Picking” is not allowed as per the Declaration of Restriction.

Yet, have no problem doing it “for the good of Indian Hammock.”

Please join me in allowing greater Sustainability in Indian Hammock.

David Etzion
Lot 246

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