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IH Owners’ communication channels.

I love Indian Hammock, the best place to call home.

Over the past year, I opened four communication channels, starting with my website: More than 100 members are regularly visiting my site; you need a WordPress account to leave a comment.

The Nextdoor Neighborhood, Indian Hammock is growing with 80 users by now.
It is a great place to place your posting, share recommendations, create or join groups, etc.

The MeWe group Indian Hammock Hunt and Ridding Club is new; I started it in December 2020 as the best alternative to the abusive Facebook. MeWe established itself as the Anti Facebook, claiming: No Ads. No Spyware. No BS. Your information is Not For Sale.

I still keep the Facebook group Indian Hammock Owners’ Rights open for the convenience of more than 50 group members.

Anyone can choose a communication cannel he is comfortable using. 

1.        Website: Indian Hammock Owners’ Voice

2.         Nextdoor Neighborhood: Indian Hammock
Group 1: live and let live – Defend Owner’s Rights in Indian Hammock.
Group 2: Allow Greater Sustainability in Indian Hammock


4.         Facebook Group: Indian Hammock Owners’ Rights

live and let live
David Etzion

Lot 246

Join our Nextdoor’s neighborhood INDIAN HAMMOCK

Nextdoor has more than 180,000 different neighborhoods
Each neighborhood has boundaries containing a specific area, and anyone living within this area can join his “neighborhood.”

In 2019 I created a Nextdoor’s neighborhood INDIAN HAMMOCK, which contains the 299 lots owned by our community members.

Anyone that owns a lot in Indian Hammock can accept my invitation by clicking on Indian Hammock.

To join, you will need to enter your address:
32801 US Highway 441 N (Enter your lot Number)
Okeechobee, FL 34972

Joining us will enable you to communicate with the other 80 owners/members of the Indian Hammock Hunt and Riding Club, who have already joined.

In Nextdoor, you can:
• Advertise items for sale or donation.
• Request or provide recommendations for service providers such as contractors, doctors, restaurants, etc.
• Provide or request advice from local experts.
• Create or join a group of particular interest like Sustainability, Gardening, Dog, Etc.

Any member can initiate and do anything in Nextdoor.
Any member can invite neighbors to join (use the invite button on the top of the home page)

I hope you will join us.

David Etzion
Lot 246