IHMyHome.com is a private site created for the Lot and Home Owners in Indian Hammock Hunt and Riding Club (IH).

The Club’s Declaration of Restriction and By-Laws were created in 1973 by the Developers, protecting the Developers’ interests and vision for the Club. Amenities that did not exist in 1973 are now essential for communities to operate.
Since 1973, IH has transformed from a Hidden Weekend Retreat of empty lots and a few cabins to mostly full-time and some part-time residences of a rural community.
Owners’ needs have changed over half a century since 1973, and the Club’s Governing Documents need to be revised accordingly.
The Club’s Board of Directors (BOD) needs to take the lead and modify the Club’s documents to minimize the restrictions on Owners’ Residence.

My goals are:

• Preserve the rural uniqueness of IH while accommodating the full-time and part-time residents’ requirements.
• Protect Owners’ investments in IH.
• Safeguard the individual rights of IH Owners.
• Minimize restrictions imposed by the Club on Owners’ Residence.
• Promote Owners Sustainability in IH.
• Motivate the Club’s BOD to comply with its Fiduciary Duties.

Owners are welcome to comment and provide constructive suggestions.

This Private Site does not represent Indian Hammock Hunt and Ridding Club Inc., a Florida Corporation (The Club) in any way; all of the content here is a personal opinion. For the official web site and links to the social media of The Club, please go to https://www.ihammock.net/