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The Club’s BOD thinks it has the EXCLUSIVE Authority on the Owners’ Lots.

Earlier this month, I contacted the members of our BOD to discuss Rule 1-1. None of the seven BOD members came forward to support my “radical idea” that …The members have the exclusive responsibility and Authority in the management and maintenance of their lots and the club shall have exclusive responsibility and Authority in the management and maintenance of the Common Areas… should replace  Rule 1-1 …The club shall have exclusive responsibility and Authority in the management and maintenance of the Property, including Common Areas…

On the contrary, in her  February 9, 2021  email, the BOD’s President advised me as follow: …“You are proposing that Rule 1-1 be changed to The members have the exclusive responsibility and authority in the management and maintenance of their lots and the club shall have exclusive responsibility and authority in the management and maintenance of the Common Areas”  You are correct that the Board can change the Rules. However if the rule was changed as you have proposed then it would not be consistent with the Declarations”…

The deafening silence of six BOD members and the President’s response represents the BOD’s wrong and illegal interpretation of the Declaration Of Restrictions.

Unfortunately, the Club’s BOD is under the delusional belief that they, the BOD and not the Owners, have the Exclusive Authority on the 299 residential lots. Or the BOD prefers the “power grab” its illegal interpretation, and Rule 1-1 will allow it. None of these two possibilities is acceptable, and no effort should be spared until Rule 1-1 is changed or removed.

Fellow Owners, your silence is an acceptance that the  BOD, not you, has Exclusive Authority on your lots. Join us in demanding that the BOD relinquish its illegal “power grab” as declared in  Rule 1-1

David Etzion

Lot 246

Apathy – The biggest Danger to Indian Hammock

A community of apathetic Owners/Members will breed Boards of Directors that will ignore their Fiduciary Duties to the Owners/Members and will overstep their authority, infringing on Owners/Members’ rights.

Unfortunately, that is what happened in the past, and is happening now in Indian Hammock.

In the January 19, 2020 Election of BOD, as per the Hammock Herald:
Voting members in attendance: 81
Proxies voted: 109
Not Voting: 103
Unused proxy: 6
Total voting: 299

Let analyze these numbers:

  • Not voting at all – Zero interest, by 103 of 299 being 34.5% of voting power.
  • Proxies Used and Unused – Leaves to others to decide, 115 of 299 being 38.5% of voting power.
  • In Attendance – 81 of 299 27% of voting power.

These numbers mean:

  • 73% of voting power don’t have a personal interest in choosing the BOD.
  • 27% of voting power has a personal interest in choosing the BOD.
  • A few individuals, being the holders of a large number of Proxies, dictates who will be on the BOD.

This can, used to, and will be, exploited by the BOD, and not for the benefit of the Owners/Members.

Safeguarding and Restoring the Rights of Indian Hammock Owners/Members requires a major increase in Owners/Members participation and input.

The voting system can be updated to include early voting by Owners/Members, this may reduce the number of “Not Voting” and I believe will switch users of the Proxies, especially those who are not full time residents, to personally vote.

Your comments and opinion will be highly appreciated.

BOD (Board of Directors) and Owners/Members

A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of wolves.
It is unavoidable, It is simply the “Nature of the Beast

Any governing body, be it as big as the USA Government or as small as Indian Hammock’s BOD, must be watched, or it will become renegade and will overstep its authority.

There will also be a power Struggle between “Government” (BOD) and “Citizens” (Owners/Members) where the BOD will try to gain more power and some Owners/Members will resist it.

Apathetic Owners/Members will eventually be ruled by Boards of Directors that will overstep their BOD authority, ignore their Fiduciary Duties to the Owners/Members, and infringe on Owners/Members’ rights.

Each Board Member is, first and always, an Owner/Member.
They are, in most cases, friendly and trustworthy individuals, members of Indian Hammock’s community.

The “Nature of the Beast” comes into being only when these individuals put on their “Board Members’ Hats”.
It is like an “automatic switch” was turned-on and “the beast” reveals itself.

The moment a Board Member is out of his/her seat on the board, in most cases, it is like the “plug was pulled out”, and the friendly trustworthy friend shows himself again.

It is essential for each of the Owners/Members to remember the above, and not to get involved in a personal “account settling” with a Board Member, as tomorrow, this Board Member may be a regular Owner/Member “brother to the cause”.

The same advice goes to any Board Member, as your BOD seat may be taken from you and given to the Owner/Member you are currently tormenting.

It all comes back to two golden rules:

  • Live and let Live.
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

These rules are accepted by all, but unfortunately many times they are not followed.