Chickens is a HOT TOPIC in our “Nexdoor’s Neighborhood”

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Chickens in Indian Hammock is a HOT TOPIC in our “Nexdoor’s Neighborhood”

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5 thoughts on “Chickens is a HOT TOPIC in our “Nexdoor’s Neighborhood”

  1. Bob Morrison

    I have no problems with chickens.
    How many?
    How will you protect them from the hawks?
    Will your chicken shelters require Hammock/County Zoning approval.
    Containment to your property?
    Noise nuisance? Odor nuisance?
    Just the beginning of the questions…….
    With the right rules I will vote for them….but …..the rules must be strict and enforceable.
    Go near a chicken ranch before you say yes…..
    Really, REALLY SMELLY!


    1. David Etzion

      I am realistic; I am starting this campaign and hope to amend the Declaration of Restrictions sometime in the near future, this must be done carefully addressing Members concerns, hopefully it will be done within a year as we need 200 secured votes, I don’t believe it will happen overnight. Anyone who thinks differently is more than welcome to try and achieve it this coming Sunday.


  2. Vince Bianco

    I had to leave the meeting early yesterday and the chicken issue had not come up. If I knew I would have left a proxy to vote in favor. With the recent pandemic I truly believe it would in all our interest to be able to have a source of protein in our back yards.


    I would ask the board to get involved if they are willing.


  3. Gilles Kennedy

    I don’t see how 5 chicken on 2.5 acres ( Average ) would be a problem, I did not vote since I was not at the meeting, however I would support a change in the rule for a maximum of 5 chicken.



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