IH Owners’ communication channels.

I love Indian Hammock, the best place to call home.

Over the past year, I opened four communication channels, starting with my website: IHMyHome.com More than 100 members are regularly visiting my site IHMyHome.com; you need a WordPress account to leave a comment.

The Nextdoor Neighborhood, Indian Hammock is growing with 80 users by now.
It is a great place to place your posting, share recommendations, create or join groups, etc.

The MeWe group Indian Hammock Hunt and Ridding Club is new; I started it in December 2020 as the best alternative to the abusive Facebook. MeWe established itself as the Anti Facebook, claiming: No Ads. No Spyware. No BS. Your information is Not For Sale.

I still keep the Facebook group Indian Hammock Owners’ Rights open for the convenience of more than 50 group members.

Anyone can choose a communication cannel he is comfortable using. 

1.        Website: Indian Hammock Owners’ Voice  IHMyHome.com

2.         Nextdoor Neighborhood: Indian Hammock
Group 1: live and let live – Defend Owner’s Rights in Indian Hammock.
Group 2: Allow Greater Sustainability in Indian Hammock


4.         Facebook Group: Indian Hammock Owners’ Rights

live and let live
David Etzion

Lot 246

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