Apathy – The biggest Danger to Indian Hammock

A community of apathetic Owners/Members will breed Boards of Directors that will ignore their Fiduciary Duties to the Owners/Members and will overstep their authority, infringing on Owners/Members’ rights.

Unfortunately, that is what happened in the past, and is happening now in Indian Hammock.

In the January 19, 2020 Election of BOD, as per the Hammock Herald:
Voting members in attendance: 81
Proxies voted: 109
Not Voting: 103
Unused proxy: 6
Total voting: 299

Let analyze these numbers:

  • Not voting at all – Zero interest, by 103 of 299 being 34.5% of voting power.
  • Proxies Used and Unused – Leaves to others to decide, 115 of 299 being 38.5% of voting power.
  • In Attendance – 81 of 299 27% of voting power.

These numbers mean:

  • 73% of voting power don’t have a personal interest in choosing the BOD.
  • 27% of voting power has a personal interest in choosing the BOD.
  • A few individuals, being the holders of a large number of Proxies, dictates who will be on the BOD.

This can, used to, and will be, exploited by the BOD, and not for the benefit of the Owners/Members.

Safeguarding and Restoring the Rights of Indian Hammock Owners/Members requires a major increase in Owners/Members participation and input.

The voting system can be updated to include early voting by Owners/Members, this may reduce the number of “Not Voting” and I believe will switch users of the Proxies, especially those who are not full time residents, to personally vote.

Your comments and opinion will be highly appreciated.

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