Calyx Institute a Great Internet Alternative to Century Link.

Calyx Institute is offering Unlimited 4G Internet using a special arrangement with T Mobile. One needs to join Calyx Institute at a Contributor level and pay $500 for the first year and after that $400 per year to get the Unlimited 4G Internet.

I spent the $500 and joined to test their service. On 2/16/2021, I got my Alcatel Linkzone 2 and started using it full time for my Internet connection.

I found the service to be superior to CenturyLink, with significant improvement in the Upload speed. I am getting better than 10 Mbps download and better than 3 Mbps upload. The Alcatel Linkzone 2 via Calyx Institute only operates on the 2.4GHZ and provides a real Unlimited  Internet without throttling down the speed.

I presume the speed may depend on the lot location; I use it on Lot 246 and get the maximum three dots signal strength. I placed the Alcatel Linkzone 2 in my living room and have no problem getting good coverage all over my home.

One can connect up to 16 users simultaneously to the Alcatel Linkzone 2.
All and all, I wish I knew earlier that such a service exists; for me, it is an excellent improvement, and I intend to use it until Starlink becomes available, hopefully in a year or two.

Thank you Tom Steinruck for pointing me in the right direction.

David Etzion
Lot 246

3 thoughts on “Calyx Institute a Great Internet Alternative to Century Link.

    1. Tom S.

      I don’t have the Alcatel, I have a MiFi with my Calyx Institute service. I don’t think they’re available right now. But the way I have it hooked up is through the USB cable to an ASUS router that is a mesh router and then through that you can attach anything you want. ASUS is known to be compatible with hotspots and cell phones via USB. of course you can always use a traditional extender with any wifi.


      1. David Etzion

        Calyx doesn’t offer MiFi 8000 any longer; I am checking if it is possible to purchase MiFi 8000 and transfer the Calyx SIM from the Alcatel Linkzone 2 to the MiFi 8000.


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