The By-Laws

The By-Laws were created by the Developers and Originators of Indian Hammock, giving the Developers and the Originators full control of all of the club matters until 200 lots out of the 299 available lots were sold.

As we are far past this situation, The By-Laws no longer effect Owners/Members’ Rights.

The By-Laws are also a set of Definitions, Explanations and instructions in regard to; Membership, Meeting of Members, Book of Accounts, Notices, Management, Operation and Maintenance.

Article IV deals with the way the Board of Directors will be elected and operate.

Article V Deals with the Board’s Officers’ duties and responsibilities.  

On all other issues, the By-Laws refer to the Declaration of Restrictions and The State of Florida Laws.

Like with the Declaration of Restrictions, any amendment to the By-Laws require a 2/3 majority vote by the club’s Owners/Members

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