Robert Sacco Lot 142 – Deceiving behavior and Selective Enforcement by the Club – case #1

Robert Sacco, the owner of lot 142, asked me to relay the events regarding the dishonesty, discrimination, and singling out for selective enforcement and harassment he experienced by the Club for extending his deck and adding a pizza oven.

The following describes the events and three documents supporting Robert Sacco’s claims.

A01 2021-06-23 The Club email to Robert Sacco
In this email, the Club claims:
That Okeechobee Code Enforcement initiates this issue.
That by 2021-06- 23, Okeechobee Code Enforcement has an open case regarding lot 142.

A03 2021-07-19 Okeechobee Code Enforcement advise they have no open case regarding lot 142
Ashley Zito emailed Roberta Filomena and Robert Sacco about her meeting with Okeechobee County code enforcement. “I was informed that there have been no code enforcement complains whatsoever on your property”

Jennifer Kinard, an Okeechobee Code Enforcement officer, emailed Robert Sacco and Ashley Zito, stating that there is no open code enforcement case.

A04 2022-08-22 Okeechobee case number CE2111-0019.
This case card shows the following:
No open case exists on 2021-06-23 as claimed by the Club
Roy Griffin Okeechobee County Code Enforcement Officer declared on 2022-03-08 that the Indian Hammock Office originated this case.

From July 2021 to August 2022, Robert Sacco and his wife have endured ongoing harassment and taunting by the Club even after obtaining all required permits.